Pavarotti or Eminem? A lesson on Engineering Management

Jack Aureliano De Santis
2 min readMar 2, 2019

On one side we have famous operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti, and on the other popular rapper Eminem, and let me ask you, which one is a better musician?

It’s the kind of question that some people might instantly answer one or the other, wondering how can you even ask such question?
But is it really?

I would argue that’s it’s one of those questions that has no answer, no right nor wrong, no better nor worse, no correct nor incorrect.
It really comes down to the individual listener and their style and preferences, what the individual prefers.

And so, with Engineering Management, stop seeking that perfect approach, perfect method, perfect organisation and perfect tools.

Because there is no such a thing, there is no universal anything, no right way and no wrong way, with people.

It all comes down to the individual Engineers you are working with.
That’s why the most important step you can take as Engineering Manager is to get to really know your team, your people.

Each person is different, each person requires their own approach to work best, and you can only achieve such by knowing your team.

Flexibility and adaptability are your best friends in Engineering Management, work for the Engineers, not for what you think it’s the best approach or best method.
At the end, it’s really not about you.

Shout out to that one Engineering Manager I saw talk with a developer not even knowing if she was on the Android or iOS team, it was a valuable lesson.